Slaughterhouse is *so* on

If you’re not already on your way, get in your car right now and get your ass to Chicago. The rally kicked off last night with the 2strokebuzz party at Hogs and Honeys (then Neo, which 2sb couldn’t stay up for). If you weren’t there, you missed a fantastic raffle, where we gave away a motorcycle and a signed Carpenters album: “Mmmm, Italian Beef, Love Karen.” See you all tonight.

Slaughter at Slaughterhouse

Big Rye’s post on CHIscooterList: “I finally went to the live poultry place and bought a chicken. I had the guy cut it up. I asked if they were open on Sunday and he said ‘from 9-3’ so the Slaughter at Slaughterhouse (sponsored by Ryetronics) is on! The only problem is they do the butchering in a room behind the front counter. I asked him if I could bring people back there to watchOe and he said ok. I’m not sure if he understood what I meant but hopefully this will work out this time.”

Electric Vetrix rivals gas scooters?

From Durso: Vectrix is saying their new electric scooter repeatedly beat a gas scooter on the 1km Peugeot test track. Beating a gas scooter (even a Peugeot) is big news for electric scooters, and their trade-press hyperbole machine is working overtime in a Design News story (Registration is unfortunately required.), but Vetrix’s website hasn’t been updated for three years, and still claims their technology will be commercially available in 2001.


I wonder how many BladeZ electric scooters Pride of Cleveland Scooters sold at 5:00 yesterday? 2sb Correspondent Mike Durso was in NYC last night and sent us this gripping photo from ground zero. Anyone have any scooter-related blackout stories?

TNG Milano

Speaking of Lucash, he’s been working on a story about how Yamaha ripped off the idea for the Vino from TN’G. Good luck with that, Dave, but TN’G’s Milano 125 beat the Yamaha Vino 125 to market by months, so explain that!