Lambretta Pato commercial

A TV commercial for the European-market “Lambretta” Pato (aka the Lance Milan, ZNen ZN151T-F, Flyscooter LaVie, etc.), not to be confused with the Lambretta International Uno and Due sold in the U.S., or an actual Lambretta. The only thing sadder than a Chinese Lambretta is putting end credits on a commercial on YouTube. (Via

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  1. This is very sad. My first 2-stroke was a 1958 Lambretta many many years ago. I have very fond memories of that beat-up, old used scoot. It’s appalling to think that such a venerable marque has been degraded to the extent that it must share nameplates with a plethora of other ROCrap!

    RIP, Lambretta., I knew you when.

  2. I have seen a Tng Scooter, Fly scooter and a lance scooter that are the same as this “Lambretta”. Great to see Four companies selling the same piece of s**t. There is a lot of creativity in China.

  3. Illnoise:

    Yeah…I meant PRCrap. I own both a TGB 303R 150cc and a Honda Helix. I’d be hard pressed to see much of a quality difference between the two of them, which is a testimony to the build quality of scoots coming out of Taiwan these days. Presently, PRC offers the best bang for the buck in scoots, IMO.

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