The 2010 Paris Auto Show,
aka École des Faux-Scoots

September 14, 2010

Everyone and their mom including Mini (BMW) and Smart are planning to unveil world-changing e-scooters at the Paris Auto Show on September 30 and October 1. Everyone and their mom has a really nice set of magic markers. We’re not anti- e-scooters, I just think this is a lot of hype for what will ultimately be some pretty underwhelming vehicles. And you all know how 2sb feels about concepts.

Marginally more interesting to me are as-yet unsubstantiated rumors of a new BMW “big” scooter and an odd Marabese-designed 4-wheel scooter called “Quadro” set to be unveiled the day before the show. Here’s a “spy” video of the Quadro, merci, Charles for the news). While a four-wheeled scooter brings to mind a certain Onion story and the SMRFmobile 5-wheel MP3 from last weeks’ comments, Charles argues that Frenchmen want a big powerful safe scooter they can drive with a regular automotive license, so there’s apparently a thriving market of aspiring T-Max and MP3 owners pining for those extra wheels. We shall see, I guess.

(People sending me the Smart and Mini links are too numerous to thank personally, but thanks to all of you!)

MORE! Photos of the MINI and Smart scooter prototypes via Nathaniel and Eric, who rightly mentions the Mini concepts seems a bit more realistic and thought-out, whereas the Smart ones look like macro photos of Playmobil scooters (I’m paraphrasing there).


7 Responses to “The 2010 Paris Auto Show,
aka École des Faux-Scoots”

  1. chivespa1No Gravatar on September 15th, 2010 6:38am

    I will say that when we were in Paris earlier this year I’ve never seen more MP3’s in my life. Far and away the obvious favorite if you could afford one there.

  2. smallwheel fanNo Gravatar on September 15th, 2010 2:25pm

    The French affinity for the MP3 is really interesting; I’ve read elsewhere of the MP3phelia of Parisians. It can’t just be cobblestone streets; lots of European cities have them. Then again, the French also love Jerry Lewis, and regard him as a comic genius.

    So just what is the story behind the French Connection with the MP3?

  3. jprestonianNo Gravatar on September 15th, 2010 3:45pm

    Haaaa! I know a Frenchman who lives here (Nashville), and what does he ride? Yep: MP3.

  4. BrookeNo Gravatar on September 15th, 2010 4:09pm

    The Honda and Yamaha new offerings are a bit disappointing. But they are probably the most realistic with their big step backwards in terms of performance down to electric bicycle levels.

    Thumbs up on the Mini design and thumbs down on the Smart.

  5. v-motoNo Gravatar on September 16th, 2010 5:27pm

    Is that a French MP4

  6. HenrickNo Gravatar on September 17th, 2010 9:59am

    The real story behind the French Connection with MP3 is a very simple bigballswanabee one. With the LT version, homologated as a trike and not as a scooter, Piaggio offered 34ch and 400 cc to working males who where riding 15ch and 125cc Yamaha, Honda, etc.

    So as everyone and their mothers know bigger is a lot better and big boys magically turned to be real men as they got more power to manage…

    Another part of the story is the “wife effect”. When Mr Dupont wants to add a third wheel to his ride, he has to ask Mrs Dupont permission. So, Mr Dupont say 3 wheel is stability and convict Mrs Dupont (and himself) that MP3 is like a fallproof vehicule. So I can take is share of the house incomes to buy his real man tool.

    Know, he’s hype, part of the game… You know

    I’ve just been invited to Quadro’s unveiling next 29th sept. If I manage to attend this event, I’ll keep you posted with the 4th wheel effect on the audience.

  7. illnoiseNo Gravatar on September 17th, 2010 2:22pm

    I was going to ask for an invite, I imagine they’d invite me, but not comp my airfare