Stop & Reflect: Braking Options From TSR

December 30, 2011

As mentioned here before, The Scooter Republic out of the UK and SE Asia has developed a new disc brake option for a few old Vespa models. Sam from TSR, a 2SB sponsor, sent along some pictures of the disc brake mounted on a Sprint-style fork. Compared to the previous posting on that prototype it looks like it’s gotten quite the polishing job. Bling.

The smallframe, old-style, hub version has also gotten the anti-dive design worked in as well and is currently available via their Ebay store. But as yet I’ve not seen that model mounted. If someone wants to trade me a set of old v90 wheels, hubs and fork and 592.52 USD in exchange for a PK fork with Paoli shock complete with wheels drop me a line and I’ll try to arrange a test!

BMW Scooters: Lost in America?

December 19, 2011

I haven’t talked about the new BMW scooters much here, mainly because I’ve always felt once you hit 350cc or so, there’s not much difference between a scooter and a motorcycle, aside from an automatic transmission.
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Bateman Goes Wilde for Vespa (ooof!)

December 9, 2011

Jason Bateman and Olivia Wilde on a handsome vintage trap-headlight Vespa Sprint, filming “The Longest Week.”

Someone fine me a photo of Justine Bateman on a scooter, then we’re talkin’.

Via Vina Vroom, reading celebrity news so I don’t have to!

Corradino D’Ascanio Honored With Exibit At Pontedera

December 8, 2011

The New York Times Wheels Blog offers a report on the man behind the original design of the Vespa. The most interesting note for those immersed in all things Piaggio, is that he was left to design trade show displays instead of the helicopters that he really wanted to work on. He was a great designer because he started with the user and moved out from there. Today most things start with an industrial designers screen and are forced around a user, with poor results. Step away from the CAD software and Illustrator, dudes. Just because it makes a pretty picture does mean that it will make a useful object. D’Ascanio knew this. Lets be thankful that he didn’t have the tools that modern designers have.

Thanks to Scooterville in Minneapolis for sharing the post on facebook. The owner, Bob, once designed sets and trade show displays and now sells Vespas. Full circle.

TGB’s GTS 300i clone

December 1, 2011

Things seem to have been pretty quiet in Kennesaw, GA lately, maybe this will shake things up.