Fire Struggling to Keep Heads Up

Maybe there are some universal truths, even between soccer players and scooterists. After getting through another Niagara, which included rain, drinking, drunkenness, rain, the flipping over of my tent due to strong winds, a diet that could only be described as “minimally life-supporting,” and some more rain, I only needed one thingo sleep. Lots of […]

International Boredom; Lackluster Qualification Sends England’s Supporters Home Still Seething

With great reluctance, England fans celebrated their 0-0 draw with Turkey, marking their automatic qualification into the UEFA Euro 2004 competition. I say reluctant because after losing two Leeds fans to hooligan violence at the hands of Galatasaray’s “Stay Up All Night” gang in 2000, England supporters wished for a more decidedly lethal result, ending […]

This is the end, my friend.

After losing top striker Luis Saha to the silverware-encrusted Manchester United, Fulham have embarrassed one of the leagues top teams for the third time this season, Saha not withstanding. Though Fulham’s 2-1 loss to the Red Devils wasn’t the preferred score line, it certainly is indicative of how badly Manchester United are carrying on.

Rooney Signals for a Substitution in a Changing Premier League

It’s not the Champions League or the FA Cup on the front pages of The Times, FourFourTwo, and Total Football, it’s Everton striker Wayne Rooney, the brilliant English 17 year-old that made Arsenal fans weep and Everton fans don “Roonaldinho” jerseys (in tribute to Brazil’s Ronaldinho). Rooney’s goal against Arsenal marked not only the first […]

United 1, City 1? Derby day for Manchester showcases the failing top flight

Oh, dear god. A draw? From Man United and Man City? Unbelieveable! Arsenal can pull ahead, the Premiership is ours! This past Sunday saw the Gunners take on third place Newcastle United at home and I was up early, coffee, scarf and video tape all ready to go. A foolish grin was on my face, […]