Scooter VINs

This table lists World Manufacturer Identification (WMI) codes for various scooter manufacturers. The WMI is the first three digits of a Vehicle Identification Number (VIN). The first digit indicates the country of manufacture, and all countries are listed here. The second and third digits are a unique identifier for a specific manufacturer. Manufacturers who build fewer than 500 vehicles a year are not given a unique WMI, their VIN usually (but not always) starts with the country of origin, the first letter of their company name, and a “9” as the third digit. This system came into use in about 1980, earlier scooters do not follow these patterns.

The table was compiled from various sources including Wikipedia,’s stolen scooter listings, dealer interviews, research at various rallies and trade shows, the NHTSA database, and a lot of help from a thread on the ScootDawg forum. While we strive for accurate information, there may be errors, and some listings and comments may not accurately represent manufacturer/importer relationships. Also note that some manufacturers supply various importers and some importers utilize various manufacturers, and these relationships change from time to time.

We’d greatly appreciate any additions, corrections, or clarifications, especially from firsthand sources with reliable data. Please contact us at illnoiseAT2strokebuzzDOTcom. Thanks!

WMI Country of
Manufacturer Name Brands matching WMI Notes

1 United States 1A-10: United States

1Z9 United States Various Ozbike, Chopper companies, etc Companies manufacturing under 500 bikes have a "9" as the third digit)

2 Canada 2A-20: Canada

3 Central America 3A-3W: Mexico,
3X-37: Costa Rica,
38-30 not used

3CG Mexico KTM Mex SA de CV Tank, Viva? Probably manufactured by LAA, allegedly assembled in Mexico

3H1 Mexico American Honda Motor Co. Honda Some 80s/90s Honda scooters appear to have been manufactured in Mexico. Unclear if they were sold in U.S. market.

4 United States 4A-40: United States

4M0 United States Vectrix Corporation Vectrix electric scooters See also SZC

5 United States 5A-50: United States

5F0 United States CMSI (Classic Motorcycle and Sidecar) T'N'G Mainly Chinese, Some TNGs were partially assembled in U.S.

5KM United States Vento North America LLC Vento Chinese,, Final assembly allegedly in U.S.

5P4 United States Power Sports Factory (Yamati/Strada) Chinese,, Final assembly allegedly in U.S.

5RY United States Roketa /Unique Industrial & Trading/Goldenvale Inc (Roketa, TANK, Rokatak?) Mainly Chinese, Final assembly allegedly in U.S.

6 Australia 6A-6W: Australia,
6X-60: not used

7 New Zealand 7A-7E New Zealand,
7F-70 not used

8 South America 8A-8E: Argentina
8F-8K: Chile
8L-8R: Ecuador
8S-8W: Peru
8X-82: Venezuela
83-80: not used

8CG Argentina Garelli Argentina Garelli 1990s mopeds

9 South America 9A-9E: Brazil
9F-9K: Colombia
9L-9R: Paraguay
9S-9W: Uruguay
9X-92: Trinidad & Tobago
93-99: Brazil
90: not used

A Africa AA-AH: South Africa
AJ-AN: Ivory Coast
AP-A0: not used

B Africa BA-BE: Angola
BF-BK: Kenya
BL-BR: Tanzania
BS-B0: not used

C Africa CA-CE: Benin
CF-CK: Malagasy
CL-CR: Tunisia
CS-C0: not used

D Africa DA-DE: Egypt
DF-DK: Morocco
DL-DR: Zambia
DS-D0: not used

E Africa EA-EE: Ethiopia
EF-EK: Mozambique
EL-E0: not used

F Africa FA-FE: Ghana
FF-FK: Nigeria
FF-FK: Madagascar
FL-F0: not used

FY1 China (!?) Guangzhou Panyu Huanan Motors Group Sachs, Schwinn Engine VIN on Sachs motorcycle and Peirspeed 400cc scooter at DealerExpo08

G Africa GA-G0: not used

H Africa HA-H0: not used

I Not used the letter “I” is not generally used in VINs or WMIs to prevent confusion with the number 1.

J Japan JA-J0: Japan

JH2 Japan American Honda Motor Co Honda
JKA Japan Kawasaki Motor Corporation Kawasaki
JS1 Japan American Suzuki Motor Corp. Suzuki
JYA Japan Yamaha Motor Corp U.S.A Yamaha See also LPR

K South Korea KL-KR: South Korea
KS-K0: not used

K16 Korea? ? QLink? Appeared in Qlink booth at DealerExpo 2008. See also LAE

KM4 South Korea Hyosung Motors & Machinery, Inc. Hyosung
KMC South Korea United Motors UM, United Motors does not appear in NHTSA database

L China LA-L0: China

L1E China Zehjiang Lingyun MC Co Diamo
L2B China Jiangsu Baodiao Locomotive Company ?
L4B China China Xingyue Group Co Nikota, Panterra
L4S China Zhejiang Xingyue Vehicle Co., Ltd. Vog, Paris, Komoda, Eagle 1, Linhai?
L5C China Zhehiang Mengdeli Electric Co.,Ltd Mengdeli
L5R China Jiangsu Dafier Motorcycle Co. Ltd. Wildfire Listed only as "electric bike" importer with NHTSA

L5M China Cixi Konced Motorcycle Co. Ltd./Ningbo Kangda Bicycle Co Ltd. Baron
L5X China Konced Motorcycle Co Konced, Allroad L5X, L5Y, LFY seem to overlap

L5Y China Taizhou Zhongnen MC Co. (aka Zhejlang Zhongneng) Lance, Bandit, 08 TNG, ZNen, Eagle (L5X, L5Y, LFY seem to overlap)

L8X China Zhejiang Summit Huawin Motorcycle Co., LTD. Wildfire
L8Y China Shanghai Shenke M/C Co., Ltd Jonway, Sun-L
LAA China China Jialing Industrial Group Co Tank Urban see 3CG

LAE China China Qingqi Group, Ltd/Jinan Quingqi Moto/Shanghe Light MC/ Shandong Pioneer MC Co Quingqi, QQ, GoGo, QLink possibly related to LAW?

LAN China Yamasaki (China) M/C Co, Ltd., dba Changzhou Yamasaki
LAT China Guangzhou Dayang Motorcycle Co., Ltd Dayang, Dayun
LAW China Qianjiang MC Group Keeway, Quingqi, Strada, 02/03 TNG, Motomojo Uptown, QJ, Vento, Baja, Benelli, Andretti Owns Benelli, Euro-market bikes assembled in Italy (seeZBN). Also seen on frame of Diamo prototype at DealerExpo2008. possible related to LAE?

LB1 China ? LS Motorsports/Diamo Italjet Torpedo and Roller Craft on display at DealerExpo 2008

LB2 China China Geely Group Co GEELY, Zscooter
LBF China Xujiaying High & New Technology Speed?
LBM China Zongshen Piaggio Foshan MC Co Ltd Chinese-made Piaggios some Piaggio Flys should have this WMI (confirm)

LCE China Chunfeng Holding Group Co Ltd CFMoto, QLink
LD5 China Benzhou Vehicle Ind. Grp Co, Ltd Schwinn 06
LD6 China Zhejiang Leike Machinery Industry Co Motobravo
LE8 China Guangzhou Panyu Huanana Motors Ind. Co. Ltd Schwinn 07, Sachs (Madass), Q-Link, “Gung,” HRSC Guerlain
LF3 China Chongquing Lifan Industry, Inc Lifan, Pony
LFG China Chengfei MC Mnfg Co/Taizhou Chuanl MC Mnfg Co. YMoto, Motobravo, Chuani, Longbo?
LFF China Zhejtang Taizhou Wangye Power Co, Ltd Motofino, Baccio, RideGreen, Flexi, Kenos, Roketa
LFG China Chengfei MC Mnfg Co/Taizhou Chuanl MC Mnfg Co. Atlantic/ Maijia/Couhen/Chaunl/Adventure
LFY China Baotian MC Industrial Co/Changshu Light MC Factory/Zhejiang Zhongneng MC Co Baron, Milan, "Lambretta," Jin Jian, ZN Motor, Zhong Neng, ZNen, FlyScooter, Lance L5X, L5Y, LFY seem to overlap

LHJ China Chongqing Astronautical Bashan Peace, Roketa, Eagle
LJ2 China Shanghai Maple Automobile Co Panda/Enjoy
LJ4 China Shanghai JMStar MC Co Roketa, Baron, JMStar/JMST, TANK, Viva?, NST (JMStar uses Jonway’s EPA certs)
LJ7 China Zhongxing Group Co. Ltd. Jonway, JMStar
LJE China Jiangmen Dihao Motorcycle Co Ltd Huoniao
LL8 China Jiangsu Linhai Power Machinery Group Linhai, SuperStrada, Diamo, Aeolus) (Tied to Yamaha?)

LMF China ?? Not in NTHSA database LRX?
LPR China Yamaha Motor Taiwan Co Yamaha Vino, Cygnus X, Zuma Though company name includes "Taiwan," these U.S.-market Yamahas are built in China.

LWG China Chongqing Huansong Industries Group, Ltd – Tomoto Industries Inc. Tomoto, Baja Motorsports (Pep Boys)
LXK China Shanghai Meitian MC Co/Shanghai MJST Meitian, Argo
LXM China Xiamen Xiashing Motorcycle Co. Ltd (Owned by SYM?) Tomos Mopeds
LY8 China Guangzhou Ja Yun Bao Automobile Co Ltd., Shanghai Shenke Motorcycle Co., LTD. Redstreak
LYD China Taizhou City Kaitong Mcy Mnfg. Co. Supermatch, Titan US, Sportiva
LYD China Taizhou City Kaitong MC Manufacture Co. Velocity
LYE China Chongqing Kaier M/C Mfg Co Ltd Adanac At DealerExpo 2008 with a huge "made in Canada" banner

LZE China Zhuhai Zhujiang Vehicle Co Ltd Scorpion? Dazon, TANK, Redcat ATVs
LZP China Zhongshan Guochi MC/Zhongxing Group Co. Ltd.
LZS China Zongshen Industrial Group Zongshen
M Southeast Asia MF-MK: Indonesia
ML-MR: Thailand
MS-M0: not used

MD India MA-ME: India

MD2 India Bajaj Auto Ltd Bajaj
MD7 India LML Limited LML, Genuine Stella (U.S.) Belladonna (N.Z.)
N Middle East NF-NK: Pakistan
NL-NR: Turkey
NS-N0: not used

O Not used the letter O is not generally used in VINs or WMIs to prevent confusion with the number 0.

P Southeast Asia PA-PE: Philipines
PF-PK: Singapore
PL-PR: Malaysia
PS-P0: not used

Q Not used the letter Q is not generally used in VINs or WMIs to prevent confusion with the number 0.

QJ1 ? ? Diamo Engine VIN, scooter on display at DealerExpo 2008

R UAE, Taiwan, Vietnam RA-RE: United Arab Emirates
RF-RK; Taiwan
RL-RR: Vietnam
RS-R0: not used

RF3 Taiwan Not listed in NHTSA database Alpha Sports
RFB Taiwan Kwang Yang Motor Co Kymco
RFC Taiwan Taiwan Golden Bee TGB Imported to US by Cobra Powersports

RFG Taiwan Sanyang Industry Co SYM
RFL Taiwan Her Chee Industrial Co Ltd. Adly, "Lambretta"
RFT Taiwan CPI Motor Co. MZ, CPI Possibly Strada/Andretti?

RFV Taiwan Motive Power Industry Co PGO, Genuine
RFZ Taiwan Keen Perception Industries/E-Ton America E-ton
RGR Taiwan GAMAX Moto Corporation Gamax, GSpillo
RK1 Taiwan E-TON Poer Tech Co., LTD. E-TON (Eton)
RKZ Taiwan Kin Sui Cheng Industrial Co/Taiwan Helio Tech eGo electric bikes
S Europe SA-SM: Great Britain
SN-ST: Germany
SU-SZ: Poland
S1-S0: not used

SZC Poland Vectrix Corporation Vectrix Electric Scooters See also 4M0

T Europe TA-TH: Switzerland
TJ-TP: Czechoslovakia
TR-TV: Hungary
TW-T1: Portugal
T2-T0: not used

U Europe UA-UG: not used
UH-UM: Denmark
UN-UT: Ireland
UU-UZ: Romania
U1-U4: not used
U5-U7: Slovakia
U8-U0: not used

V Europe VA-VE: Austria
VF-VR: France
VS-VW: Spain
VX-V2: Yugoslavia
V3-V5: Croatia
V6-V0: Estonia

VE1 unknown Yamati (not confirmed)
VGA France Peugeot Motorcycles Peugeot
VTA Spain Motovespa SA Derbi
VTH Spain Nacional Motor S.A./Cycle Imports Derbi
W Germany WA-W0: Germany

WSF Germany Sachs-Fahrzeug Und Motorentechnik Gmbh Sachs German-market samples at Dealer Expo08, US Market will have Chinese VIN

X Europe XA-XE: Bulgaria
XF-XK: Greece
XL-XR: Netherlands
XX-X2: Luxembourg
X3-X0: Russia

XDT ? ? Sportiva On display at DealerExpo 2008, not in NHTSA database. See LYD

XTN Russia FGUP GSKB China XingYue Group on display at Dealer Expo 2008, not listed with NHTSA

XYD ? ? China XingYue Group on display at Dealer Expo 2008, not listed with NHTSA

Y Europe YA-YE: Belgium
YF-YK: Finland
YL-YR: Malta
YS-YW: Sweden
YX-Y2: Norway
Y3-Y5: Belarus
Y6-Y0: Ukraine

YTM Taiwan PGO 1986 PGO Sport 150 LS (pre-apaptation of world standards)
Z Europe ZA-ZR: Italy
ZS-ZW: not used
ZX-Z2: Slovenia
Z3-Z5: Lithuania
Z6-Z0: not used

ZAP Italy Piaggio Group Americas, Inc. Piaggio, Vespa, Gilera
ZBN Italy Benelli, Q J Srl Benelli (built in China by Qianjiang, Euro market bikes are assembled in Italy). Motorcycles are distributed in US by Keeway (Qianjiang), scooters by PowerSportsFactory

ZDC Italy Honda Italia Industriale SPA Honda
ZD4 Italy Aprilia SpA Aprilia
ZG3 Italy Garelli Motor Co Srl Garelli
ZGU Italy Moto Guzzi SpA MotoGuzzi
ZJM Italy Malaguti SpA Malaguti
ZJT Italy Italjet Moto Srl/Italjet SpA/Mod Cycles Corp pre-Diamo Italjet
ZZ1 Slovenia Tomos Tomos mopeds


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    We are the manufacturer of RideGreenUS. Please add our brand to the LFF VIN.
    USYI, Inc is our company that supports and markets the MotoFino, flexi and RideGreenUS brand in North america.

    Check us out at and


    Mark Stevens
    General manager

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  3. ImaginaryKaosNo Gravatar on January 18th, 2010 8:36pm

    There is an error in the listing for Yamaha. The LPR designation is correct for Yamaha of Taiwan. A Yamaha representative explained that LPR can be used for both Taiwan and China. Those scooters built in Taiwan say “Yamaha Motor Taiwan Co” on the ID sticker under the seat. Those built in China say “Yamaha-Linhai Motor Co” The C3, Zuma and Vino 50 are built in Taiwan with imported Japanese parts (engine, fuel system, most mechanicals). The Vino 125 is completely manufactured in Taiwan. All of these scooters bear the “LPR” VIN numbers. The Linhai scooters are completely manufactured in China, using 90% Chinese made parts.

  4. sammy_rowdyNo Gravatar on September 27th, 2011 11:00am

    help, I’ve got a 50cc Xingyue and cannot decipher the vin number can anyone help me, PLEASE!!!

  5. illnoiseNo Gravatar on September 27th, 2011 11:44am

    what’s the number? I’ve seen some Chinese scooters with VINS that don’t conform to the international standard, but most of them had been brought in illegally, or were on display at trade shows. Some have different plates with different codes, so be sure you’re looking at the VIN and not some Xingyue-specific code. The real VIN should be on the title, too, of course.

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