Best… Bust… ever.

Nestled within the usual ads for yarn and alternative menstruation products, the April/May 2006 issue of Bust features a story about “biker gangs” for women. Though it covers bicycle, motorcycle, and scooter clubs, the Secret Servix SC monopolized the bulk of the text and photos, along with the Baltimore Bombshells and a couple other girls’ clubs. If that’s not enough to get you running to the newsstand, you also get Gretchen Mol convincingly dressing up like Bettie Page, and a story on comics artist Julie Doucet. Nice! Janel clearly made the right choice hiring Vina as her publicist.

3 thoughts on “Best… Bust… ever.”

  1. Nice work Janel!

    So, who’s nudie mag is under it then?

    haha nice composition.

  2. Best 2sb photo set up ever. Are there awards for things like this? Beeb, you sir, are a master. Can I get a large scale print of that?

  3. Fantastic photo! However, I prefer fragrance-free lotion.

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