“This technology deserves to be tested under real power”

Another, more detailed review of the MP3 from the Independent.
Via Mad Man Maddox, who adds:

What intrigues me is that this might be a Thing (I hate to call it a scooter) that lets me ride to work all year long. I did that this year but i am crazy, The bike has power to drive heated lap covers, heated vests, and heated handle bars, plus LARGE and small wind screens designed for summer and winter conditions. And it has up to 110 liters of storage. My winter riding jacket and my full face helmet fit in my 45 liter top case now after I take out my mac book and lunch. I ride the Kymco 250 all over Chicago — I-57, I-55 — and it’s fine. I have never ridden it farther on the interstate than Cleveland. If the stability [of the MP3] is as good as I hope, this is a car replacement. Did not you quote an article in french talking about a 400cc upgrade?

Yes, the 400cc MP3 is due in December for Europe, and there are also rumors of an Aprilia version, but the US is only getting the 125cc version for now. Hopefully it will find success in Europe, because Piaggio, despite their PR and soundbites to the contrary, doesn’t seem too interested in us.

One thought on ““This technology deserves to be tested under real power””

  1. A 400cc novelty “car replacement” that will probably cost as much as a brand-new KIA or similar car in the US, with not much better gas mileage, less protection from the elements, etc. If it cost less than $4K, it’d be interesting, but that’s not going to happen.

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