To dream… the impossible dream…


Honda UK drafted our own Professor Matthew to root for Engerland in a fantastic TV commercial. A similar-but-lamer ad has run in the US for the past few years. With Michael Owen down and Argentina and Brazil both on fire, England’s gonna need more than a dork on a Super Cub to win the cup, but our fingers are as crossed as St. George’s flag. In other Honda-meets-World Cup news, Nicky Hayden had a few nice words for the US team, though we’re not really convinced he’s a big soccer fan.

2 thoughts on “To dream… the impossible dream…”

  1. Generally I hate ads, but I like this one a lot.

    This is actually v2 of this campaign.
    They ran it a good few months back before the world cup.
    The new version has the little flags that adorn our masses\’ cars in it and v1 didn\’t.

    If you look closely (there is a bigger version if you click on the small movie) you will see the flags are all the same animation, just added on with cgi.
    However there are some nice scenery flags added in for effect too.

    ..and I will hear nothing bad of Honda cubs… I had a C50 when I was 16. hehe


  2. I did it for the love of the game. And the chance to ride the cub.

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