Woke up this morning…

I’m really freaking sick of hearing about the Sopranos (even NPR wouldn’t shut up about it this morning). I didn’t watch it and I don’t care what happened, but I noticed this got a lot of hits this morning, so I’m relinking it out of civic duty. Also, remember when James Gandowhatever crashed a Vespa last May? And it was national news for a week? It always amazes me what passes for news, that every media outlet has basically decided to cover American Idol, the Sopranos and P– H– (I won’t say her name) 24/7, when we have this evil lying fascist regime screwing over our country. Oh, by the way, the Lake Erie Loop didn’t go quite as planned, details at 11.

4 thoughts on “Woke up this morning…”

  1. Tou-fuckin’-che’, my good man. But even newspapers have travelogues and personal pieces in the ‘lifestyles’ sections. It’s hard work keeping you up on that pedestal.

  2. You just explained why 2SB is one of my favorite news sources!

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