Pickitup pickitup pickitup pickitup…

I have this whole rant about how parents today think they’re so badass and hip and enlightened, when they’re really just forcing their embarassingly lame 20-year-old values on their poor kids just like every other parent before them (They Might Be Giants and IKEA are actually several notches down the hip scale from Shel Silverstein and avocado-colored appliances). But today I’ll spare you that lecture and pretend it’s cool that my Debbie-Harry-obsessed daughter watches a kids’ show that runs stuff like this.

That’s Parker Jacobs’ nifty animation for a nifty GoGo13 song that appeared on Yo Gabba Gabba, a show produced by one of the Aquabats that often features Mark Mothersbaugh and Biz Markie, neither of whom are nearly as hip as we’d like to think. But we love the show and the seeds for yet another wave (is this the seventh?) of ska are sown, and my little peanut will do anything a brother in an orange jumpsuit tells her to.

9 thoughts on “Pickitup pickitup pickitup pickitup…”

  1. Damn, dude. Revel in your coolness as long as your daughter will believe it. Don’t give in already!

  2. My Christmas wish list:

    1. a world without quicktime.
    2. a world without war
    3. a world wihtout hunger

  3. Give in and install freaking quicktime. You haven’t needed to install itunes to install quicktime for like three years, and you know it.

  4. also in the raising-hip-kids vein, check out http://pancakemountain.com … nothing like a bunch of kids and a sheep puppet hanging out with Henry Rollins or George Clinton.

    On topic : I miss my Stella and I’m glad I no longer work for a Piaggio shop.


  5. Ya had me till the name Henry Rollins crept into the discussion. . .

  6. Tahlia is OBSESSED with this show. I have a little movie of her screaming out the opening song. The girl can barely talk but she can say, “oh no, It’s almost time to go! Let’s go back and remember what we did today!”

  7. “Can we do it? Can we dance? Let’s goooo!” I’m sort of gay for DJ Lance Rock. That’s one happy dude.

  8. She even says “Well, break it down!” at the end….DJ Lance is awesome, especially when he does the DJ Lance Dance. My fave…the Baby Isaac. We’re old.

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