“Norwich Is The ‘New Rome’”

A recent study found that Norwich is the UK’s scooter capital, with one scooter per ten residents. Way to sell your Lambretta last week, Cy. The study was conducted by Bennetts, who listed the top ten as follows:

  1. Norwich
  2. Portsmouth
  3. Leicester
  4. Bristol
  5. Newcastle
  6. Liverpool
  7. Cardiff
  8. Sheffield
  9. Birmingham
  10. Glasgow

Scooter popularity is clearly inversely related to football quality, though we’d have expected a higher place for Glasgow, with two crap football teams.

One thought on ““Norwich Is The ‘New Rome’””

  1. Wow, Norwich wins at something? I’m impressed and mildly shocked!

    Very sad news about the Lambretta going, but I made sure she went to a good home!

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