The “new Silverwing” is… a Silverwing

EICMA opens today, and the big story was how Honda was going to unveil a new scooter, a replacement for the Silverwing that would put the Yamaha T-Max to shame. The suspense is over, it’s a new 400cc Silverwing. It’s sportier and has some cool features, but I can’t deal with French right now because something more interesting just came up on the 2sb news desk… (and 2sb correspondent Bradford Duval is live in Milan, hopefully we’ll hear from him soon…)

One thought on “The “new Silverwing” is… a Silverwing”

  1. Not nearly as exciting as the two concept scooters that were supposed to inspire this—one of which was a twin 900cc, IIRC.

    This is the big buzz, but it’s not doing much for me. Scarabeo 300 is nice, but we have the 500 already. No info on the GTV sidecar. I’m ready for some EICMA news to get excited about.

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