CWC update, finally… Bob’s Vectrix leads

Well, another cold snap through the northeast last week brought us an almost entirely new top 5 in the Cold Weather Challenge Former leader Colin Doyle was knocked to third place by Bob Hedstrom of Scooterville in Minneapolis (-16°F!) on a Vectrix electric scooter, and on his heels, Tom from Omaha (-11°F), with a second entry, vowing to not let Minnesota take the CWC title. Colin’s down to third, then Luigi G. sits in 4th place at -7°F (with a long writeup in the comments.). Rounding out the top 5 is Stefan from Cleveland, at -6°F. Stefan is clearly delusional from the cold and demanding some Malört.

Say what you will about a Vectrix leading the CWC, I think it’s cool, and Bob’s got two 50cc bikes and two 30+-year-old Vespas nipping at his (cold) ankles, which I see as proof that ANYONE could win this thing.

Read through the comments, we have a lot more entries, and good stories, and try a cold ride, anyone who posts a ride under 32° (and/or the coldest ride in his/her state) gets a prize for participating!