10 thoughts on “Short people got… no reason to scoot”

  1. She didn’t just get me started about seat ergonomics did she? I’ll have to click the link to see.

  2. Apparently no comments are welcome. I got ‘moderated’. Bush league.

  3. Apparently no comments are welcome. I got ‘moderated’. Bush league.

    Well, gee… I hope you saved a copy. I love to read a righteous rant with my coffee. :)

  4. I really toned it down and it was more of a sermon for the leg length challenged to give them strength in these dark times.

  5. Come on Brooke, Shellee is 5′ tall. She can give the sermon too because she lives it every day :) If you can write a better article from personal experience, go right ahead!

    Now me, I’m 5’11” with a 33 1/2 inseam. I have the opposite problem. That will probably be a future post :P

    Seriously though, this is a big problem for a lot of people and the scooter manufacturers really don’t seem to care one way or the other. Which is a shame because there is a market out there they are overlooking.

  6. Oh and one more thing… comment moderation is a good thing… Bush leagers will let the spam and crap get though…..

  7. It seems as though the comments have been turned back on. I think it’s just been mostly Bryan that’s gotten the brunt of my feelings on the issue.

  8. Brooke is about 8 feet tall, and a smallframe/50cc junkie, he has the opposite problem. He is my go-to ergonomics adviser, though.

    His rant will be long, and it will include:
    -stepped seats suck
    -pet carriers are satan’s work
    -gas tanks shouldn’t be anywhere in front of the seat
    -something about milk crates
    -floorboards should be flat, low, and roomy, with no center channel
    -there’s no need for the legshield to be thicker than one layer of metal/plastic
    -if you want 12″ wheels, get a motorcycle

  9. OK, now that’s close but 1) I don’t mind center channels at all, 2) Tanks should be under the seat but just not under the rear portion of some sloping excuse for a seating area, 3) I got nothin’ against 12″ wheels. But if people want automatic motorcycles, the should ask for them by name and stop this nonsense where a BV500 or Burgman 650 is considered a scooter.

    I wasn’t bashing her article at all. If you read something where you think I did, I think there’s some confusion. I’m agreeing with her article! Scooters suck for short people and they should be good for short people. My beef is that the poor design hurts everyone from 4’10” to 6’5″. Bad designs fit no one.

    And as for moderation. I thought my post got canned because it showed up after I posted it and then disappeared later. I didn’t know some blogware worked like that. I stand corrected. I’m not a fan of spammers.

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