Lest we forget La Vita…

On the heels of the EICMA Pato Lambretta unveiling, Scootin’ Old Skool says Scoot About says Hammerhead’s “La Vita” faux-Vespa scooter will be available in the spring. Of course last spring, Scootin’ Old Skool said that Scoot About said it’d be out last summer, for what that’s worth. That said, Orin has a few good photos, and some more details about colors and seats. Like we said in our 2009 Dealer Expo Story, the Venti (as it was known then) really has the proportions and look of a vintage Vespa nailed down, if the engineering and quality are solid, it should be a popular bike.

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  1. Sorry not to keep your group updated. I did get behind schedule waiting on our EPA certificate and other great excuses, bike had a flat and the sun was in my eyes!
    Production started last week on the 1st 4 colors, black, Guards Red, bone white and the vintage green. All but the black will come with the standard bench seat and the solo seats will be an purchased option. They have sent me pictures of the accessory trim and it looks OK to me but have not received any actual samples yet. I have not seen the glove box I requested but they did go ahead with the Faux tire carrier storage, maybe it will grow on me.
    Other than that no changes on the 150 and it will be up to the market to decide if we did a fair job.
    They did send me the EPA test data for a Linhai 49cc 4T motor to submit. I did not get to test that motor while I was there but they say it will at least hit the 35 MPH threshold I set. Linhai has a decent reputation and others have said the motor will pull 35-40 MPH on the units they have it in. It may not be the fastest 50cc but should keep up with the 4T competition.
    We expect the 150’s to be here by the end of Jan and the 49cc is a guess at this point but Mar or April hopefully.

  2. Hey, I was simply reporting what the dealer told me. I actually think the delays are a good sign, meaning Hammerhead wants to make sure everything’s right before putting the bike on the market. I think it could be hugely successful if a good dealer network is in place; Susan at Scoot About works really hard and has lots of happy customers, so I think there will be lots of La Vitas running around Seattle very soon…

  3. too bad about the choice of engine for the 50cc entry…..surely going to be an underpowered dog utilizing a 4-stroke….C’mon, surely Adly could have supplied a more formidable 50cc 2-stroke engine….tsk-tsk

  4. “….C’mon, surely Adly could have supplied a more formidable 50cc 2-stroke engine….tsk-tsk”
    It was done to quickly supply the states that still have a Moped Rule advantage, otherwise buy the 150 if you need to go fast.
    It would make my life a lot simpler but it’s not going to happen anytime soon. Too much politics involved between the 2 countries and we would be double taxed for shipping either the chassis or the engine to the other. The Adly motor also would increase the base price a few hundred $.
    I may try to graft one once they are here but it may cause more trouble than it is worth.
    The 49cc will have a rear disc but will be carburated

  5. I for one, being an Adly Hammerhead dealer, have been looking forward to the release of this exciting little gem for some time..
    Still wish it had steel wheels or steel looking alloys to keep the un-sprung weight down. Hows that for a switch?

  6. I also look forward to the release of the La Vita as Danny does…I was assuming the relationship with Adly would have been the automatic 50cc 2T engine of choice…my apologies in my lack of awareness of the politics in manufacturing between the two countries….my thought was that of Q-Links arrangement of importing Chineese built scooters powered by Taiwanese (Adly) engines…..50cc scooters do remain popular in my sunshine state

  7. The Qlink Star was our Thunderbike 50 and is All Taiwanese built in our(Adly) factory there. Adly has never sold just engines other than to DRR for ATV use.
    Johnny has left Qlink as of last Friday and looks to be maybe opening another Dist in the future.

  8. Great News as Customs has released our 1st shipment of the 150 La Vita and we expect them to be in the warehouse by Friday, Jan 5.
    We will be packing up and off to the Dealer Expo show in Indy, Booth 2211, on Monday. We will bring a black with the single seat/pillion and another color with a bench seat, along with our other product line and look forward to meeting and getting the dealers feedback.
    It will nice to finally have some tires on the ground and see how it develops in the market place.

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