CWC heats up as temps drop

As temperatures drop and roads are cleared throughout the midwest, CWC entries are starting to flurry in. The current leader is 2009 runner-up Colin Doyle, who sits an impressive 17° below previous leader (and CWC organizer) Ryan Bastianelli.

Before heading out on his run, Colin asked if skis were allowed, Ryan wasn’t entirely against the idea, but I pointed out that the rules say “two-wheeled,” so Colin bolted on his studded wheels (to avoid controversy) and raised (lowered?) the bar with a 17+ mile ride on snow-covered backroads. Last year, Colin’s impressive lead was eventually shattered by Scooterville, MN proprietor Bob “Scootervillan” Hedstrom (on a Vectrix!). We know Bob’s been toying with a front ski this season, too, so we’re sure this isn’t over yet.

Colin sent some great photos of his Ruckus, and says, “It’s the same Ruckus I rode in last year’s CWC, but now it has a 150cc GY6 swap, Zuma forks and front brake (disabled by zip-tieing a piece of steel between the pads), a studded rear tire, and the ski from a ’72 Arctic Cat Pantera (cut to length.)” Awesome!

5 thoughts on “CWC heats up as temps drop”

  1. The ski is a great conversation place, but it really isn’t any more functional over the white stuff than my studded Kenda. It sucks in deep snow (the scooter’s floorboard bottoms out and the rear tire digs in,) and it can be a bit dicey on ice. I retained the wear bar (kind of a daggerboard or keel for snowmobile skis) so it doesn’t have any tendency to wash out, but I’m still not totally comfortable steering the bars where I want to go, rather than countersteering. I haven’t yet tried it on a hard-packed snowmobile trail, but I feel that’s where this setup will probably excel. member “ComposiMo” suggested I get a hub for the GY6 with an ATV bolt pattern, then install a Mattracks-style rear track. That’s quite a bit beyond the scope of this project, but it sure would be fun in the powder.

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