Amerivespa 2006 registration starts April 1

The Amerivespa 2006 site has been updated with a more-or-less final itinerary. Amerivespa is the official national Vespa Club of America rally, and will take place July 27-30 in Denver, CO. Online registration opens on Saturday. Registering online gets you more swag for your money, joining VCOA saves you $10, as well as four issues of American Scooterist and other good stuff.

American Scooterist 48/49

as48.jpg The Las Vegas rally is underway, which can mean only one thing: the new American Scooterist is out! #48/49 is very special, it’s a 52-page double issue celebrating the 50th anniversary of the Vespa GS. It features an in-depth look at the various GS models from around the world, personal memories from original GS owners, and even complete rebuild directions. As part of the hard-working American Scooterist team, I really strongly suggest you join VCOA today, or at the very least, order it from the VCOA club store.