Dave Tooley and the Wildcat Lambretta

Dave Tooley WildcatDave Tooley raced Lambrettas in the early seventies for the Rafferty Newman “Wildcat” team in the UK, most notably the 158cc-model that dominated the 160-and-under class. Dave’s site contains great scooter racing photos, memoirs, scans of period magazines and advertisements, and technical info about Les Rafferty’s Wildcat Lambretta race scooters. And unlike most UK scooter sites, there’s not an animated navigation button or mod target to be found. Well-done!


Proof that the Lambretta Luna is the next big thing for scooter collectors: Lunabase is a well-designed, up-to-date, comprehensive British site celebrating the underappreciated Lambretta Luna range–Lui, Vega, and Cometa–designed by Bertone in the seventies. The site features technical info, brochures, a mailing list, and even an owners club. You’ll be coveting a Luna in no time.

Vintage DIY scooter plans

gas-ration-200.jpgFrom the mighty Bill at scoot.net: Vintageprojects.com has free plans for vintage scooters you can build yourself, scanned and PDFified from old copies of Popular Science and Mechanix Illustrated, presuming you’re handy and can find all the materials in your workshop. I think i’d rather take my chances on a dodgy $300 Chinese scooter from Pep Boys, but to each his own. Check out the photos, at least.