Rear-view helmets available soon

British manufacturer Reevu claims their motorcycle helmets—with a rear-view-mirror system integrated within—will be available this year, for about US$400, less than many “regular” motorcycle helmets. The helmets reportedly meet worldwide safety standards. It’s a great idea, if it works well, though just about anything would beat the hell out of a wobbly-ass vintage scooter mirror.

Honda UK’s “My First License”

In another example of how the British motorcycle industry kicks the American motorcycle industry’s ass, Honda UK is offering “license classesâ€? for 5-11-year olds at local bike shows. The licenses aren’t valid, of course, but the program delivers a message about safety and responsibility to british kids (along with Honda’s sales message) at an age when their American counterparts are riding dirt bikes without helmets on their uncle’s farm.