So you’re buying a scooter?

I get a lot of emails from people looking to buy their first scooter, usually people want to know specific answers to questions, or want to know which scooter they should buy, and I generally find myself telling them other things they hadn’t thought about, and they generally thank me for making them better-informed, rather than running away screaming. So I thought it might be a good idea to compile these thoughts into one post and share them with everyone, because what I say is so important. Ha!
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Scooter Movies on Zee Web!

I’m surprised at the things I find when doing research on the web for work. Here are a few scooter-related movies from STUFFONFIRE FILMS. They’re from 2002 and document King’s Classic, Scooter Rage 16, and Run, Vespa! Run! (Las Vegas). Oh, and you’ll need QuickTime to view them.

Defilers Rally

The Defilers of Antioch, Illinois are having a rally. They announced it only a week ago, the itinerary is vague and riddled with typos, and it starts three days after Slaughterhouse. Yet, chances are it will be the best rally ever. Be afraid.

A Balding Dovovan and Rookie Superstars Don’t Mix

onenil.gifIt’s a new game in the U.S. MLS looks great this year, the U.S. National Team, while losing to Brazil in Europe earlier this year, is going strong in the CONCACAF Gold Cup. Unfortunately, they have to face Brazil again this Wednesday to advance and all hopes lie on the balding frat boy, Landon Donovan.
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