Goodbye Sor-ton!

My old friend Kirsten Sorton is moving to NYC next month to go to design grad school at SVA. She’s djing ska with Chuck Wren on Thursday (July 31) at Delilah’s (2771 N. Lincoln). If you know and love Kirsten, stop by and say goodbye and wish her luck.

3 thoughts on “Goodbye Sor-ton!”

  1. Sor-ton is the best! I wish we could be there to hear her, but the commute from KC is a bit much. Though seeing one of the cutest ska/scooters in Chicago is always worth a visit. Beware, boys, she knows her ska.
    We keep pushing her to get a scooter in NYC, so if anyone has a sweet deal for her, let her know!

  2. the link is a pic of our fine ska-poppin’, scooter-hoppin’ sor-ton, on our way from kc to chicago for last year’s slaughterhouse. just thought i’d share.

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