Ride, Idiot, Ride

Swede neu-garage-rockers The Hives are promoting their new album with a Vespa Giveaway. If I win it, I’m gonna grow a porn mustache like their bass player has. Even if you don’t win, you get to hear their new song “Walk, Idiot, Walk,” and let me tell you, Milena is getting REALLY into it. Tack sŒ mycket, M5!

SHX thanks

shx.gifSHX was nothing short of awesome, thanks to 22LSC and everyone else who made it happen. Personally, I’d like to thank Sloop John B for his laptop, and all three bands that played the rally for next to nothing. Hearing Waxon 7 on WLUW Full-On Friday made everything seem over the top and too real, and I couldn’t have been more pleasantly surprised with MegaShelleyDiggle’s Singles Going Steady set. Kristen asked me to let everyone to email her to order T-shirts (women’s/youth M and L, and men’s XL shirts) with Britton Walters’ art as seen above ($10) or embroidered patches ($5).

For Immediate Release: Quintronitron

From: Rebecca J. Anderson

“Quintronitron the Highlight of the Summer”

Quintronitron, the highly anticipated scooter event of the summer, was deemed a success after yesterday’s record-breaking attendance.

“It was fun,” Kathy Anderson, Vespa owner and Quintronitron attendee said. “We sat around, ate pizza, ate brownies, drank beer and watched Rob Loudin [also a scooterist] try to fix his scooter.”

Anderson added that it was “goodtimes”.

Because of the sheer number of scooterists going to Quintronitron, non-scooterists were neither informed, nor invited to the event.

“I really wanted to keep the number [of attendees] at a scootering minimum,” Silent Ron said. “Non-scooterists don’t get it and we don’t want their kind involved in any way. We’re picky bastards like that.”

“Quintronitron” was started by long-time roommates and scooterists J. Quinton Snodgrass and Silent Ron (last name withheld) in the summer of 1998.


The Sonnets rock us

mysterygirl.jpgThe Sonnets new CD Mystery Girl is out now ($8!). There’s a preview track on the site. The band features Chuck Uchida (ex-Defoliants/No Empathy) on Bass, Victor (who crashed my wedding, heh) on vocals and guitar and some dude I don’t know anything about on drums. They rock. Check ’em out.

2sb shirt pre-order

If you’re going to be at Slaughterhouse and plan to buy a 2SB t-shirt, you can now preorder at the low, low price of $10. The shirts are going fast and pre-ordering will reserve a shirt in your size and color for easy, cash-free pickup at the rally. Please bring your PayPal email receipt with you to confirm your order.

Size/Color XXL OliveXL OliveXL RoyalXL BurgundyL RoyalM Burgundy SOLD OUTYL Burgundy SOLD OUT

If you’re mail-ordering shirts for $12, click here. I underestimated shipping, so you’re getting a heck of a deal for $12, Monday, the price goes up to a slightly more reasonable $14. Thanks for all your orders, they’ve all shipped other than the ones I got this morning.

Phrenology Helmet T-shirts

2sbshirts.jpgFor the first time in ages, 2strokebuzz t-shirts are available. And they’re sweet and dirt cheap.

These are top-quality screen printed in midnight blue and white on Gildan 50/50 shirts. They feature a modified version of the phrenologic helmet featured on the patches we gave out at Galewood last year. We have the following sizes and colors:

  • Burgundy in XL (YL and M are sold out)
  • Royal Blue in XL (L is sold out)
  • Olive in XXL (XL is sold out)

Shirts are only $14 postpaid.

Size/Color XXL OliveXL Olive SOLD OUTXL Royal SOLD OUTXL Burgundy SOLD OUTL Royal SOLD OUTM Burgundy SOLD OUTYL Burgundy SOLD OUT

If you’d prefer to mail a check or money order email me. Thanks!