Piaggio museum:
“the great plan of a great architect”

May 7, 2006

Fuksas' model of the new Vespa Museum

At the recent Vespa 60th Anniversary celebration, Piaggio president Roberto Colaninno and Italian architect Massimiliano Fuksas unveiled a model for an exciting new Piaggio Museum. Colaninno called the new museum “the great plan of a great architect,” a 60th-anniversary “gift” for the Vespa.

Fuksas is famous for his painterly approach to architecture and his skill in using existing structures to compliment his designs. The new museum is a perfect example, two layers of red polymer clouds will hover within Piaggio’s expansive Pontedera factory, containing the museum, archives, and a coffee lounge, giving visitors a panoramic view of the assembly lines below. The swooping bubbles of the museum emulate the curvy design of the Vespa (is that an ET4 headlight above?) and hopefully the museum’s function will equal its form, like the vehicle it celebrates.

Fuksas is also famous for keeping a reasonable budget and tight schedule, and again, this project fits the profile– announced on April 27, the museum is expected to be completed in 2007. His other recent high-profile projects include Ferarri’s headquarters in Maranello and the EUR-district Congress Center in Rome.

More photos in the 2sb Gallery (photos courtesy Piaggio)


4 Responses to “Piaggio museum:
“the great plan of a great architect””

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