Sachs’ China deal

The line between Chinese and European scooters is further blurred as 120-year-old Sachs signs a deal with a Chinese manufacturer. Perhaps it’s the same manufacturer that’s already knocking off their Madass for Xkeleton. Even as SachsUK brags about the arrangement, they continue to warn buyers about “other” Chinese scooters. Why are all these companies feeding the hand that bites them? China is an attractive manufacturing center and an attractive market, but scooter makers seem too excited to invest there considering the ethics and quality issues involved. Thanks to Scootersnoop for the story.

4 thoughts on “Sachs’ China deal”

  1. Ha, I didn’t even look at the photo, it looks like it’s pretty much same stupid boring fake Vino 125 that the Schwinn/TNG battle is all about. In a few years, there will be 25 US companies selling the same cheap-o Chinese 2002 Toyota Corolla clones, made by 3 “different” chinese factories, in the US under 25 different brand names. Is this what the motor vehicle industry is coming to? Where whoever can glue their well-known brand name to a disposable knockoff does battle against internet retailers selling the same product for a few bucks cheaper? Ford is in more trouble than anyone knows.

  2. I think its an illusion to think that it’s a German company going into China. According to this Feb 06 article it’s a bit more smoke and mirrors. It’s more like an Asian company is taking a European name to China to capitalize on it better. Sachs is now just another venture capital poker chip like Ducati. It didn’t seem to hurt Ducati one bit. But in that case the product is not comparable.

  3. In the case of the Madass, Sachs is already getting hosed by their Chinese manufacturer. Here in the U.S. there’s a Madass (which I believe doesn’t have the Sach’s name on it). This is imported Tomberlin
    and there’s also that Xkeleton-thing which may or may not have DOT approval. Again two different U.S. distributors competing against each othter with the same product. It’s a sad story because it’s a damn cool scooter/moped-thing. BTW, the link that Brooke posted shows the larger cc Madass and that’s damn cooler.


  4. The tomberlin is a real Madass. The motor even says Sachs on it. I have a feeling that they are authorized sellers of the “Sachs” product. It will be interesting to see if people with money being concerned on the issue of clone dumping will make a difference, rather than just resellers of restickered products. TnG has shown that the more you put into something the more you’ll protect it. Even if you put money into something not so original, you’ll want a return on it. The others mostly just invest in stickers rather than homologation and redesign. Now this venture capital firm will want a little more protection and better treatment from it’s factories. Expect the Xkeleton and it’s flashtastic website to wither.

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