Winter Almost Over; Get Off The Couch And Build (Updated)

February 25, 2012

As our unusual winter winds down here in N. America, it’s getting to be that time of year where thoughts turn to the upcoming prime riding season as well as this summers Amerivespa. There have been shows and build-offs in the US. But I’d like to see some more customs in the class of what SIP Scooter shop has most recently shared on their Flickr and Facebook galleries. Check out the custom show photos and be inspired!

This is as much as a ‘note to self’ as a call to action of Western Atlantic/Eastern Pacific scooterists and scooter shops. Stickers on Stellas and Baskets on Buddies are all fine and good, but I’m talking about top to bottom uniqueness. Who has some plans in the works for something special like those seen at this Ried Custom show? What are the latest jaw-dropping custom or preservation jobs you’ve seen?

Update: That bike won Best Smallframe. Here is a report of the show via SIP.


4 Responses to “Winter Almost Over; Get Off The Couch And Build (Updated)”

  1. jprestonianNo Gravatar on February 26th, 2012 4:55pm

    You’re not the boss a me!

  2. CaseyHooliganNo Gravatar on February 27th, 2012 9:37am

    I’ve got a plan for a cut P street racer based around a CNC case.
    Those Austrian and Germans definitely do it right!

  3. BrookeNo Gravatar on February 27th, 2012 6:08pm

    Are you getting a set of CNC cases from GPone or making your own?

  4. CaseyHooliganNo Gravatar on February 29th, 2012 1:40pm

    Well Brooke, being a Machinist, The only answer is to make my own!
    Though GP1 is good stuff and no waste of money..