Watch The Evolution Of German Badness

No, I will not be recapitulating Godwin’s Law. But instead I will offer forth this pictorial display of complete bad-ass-a-licious-ness that is the process of turning a raw smallframe project into a sweet custom ‘racer’.

For Scooter Center’s 20th anniversary, GP One Tuning has participated in the build of a celebratory machine. You may know this Austrian tuning house for their CNC engine cases. Look them up on Facebook and they have plenty of eye candy in their galleries (as well as being where I picked up the main link).

I would criticize the use of the larger than 10″ wheels. That’s normally a deal-breaker for me. But overall this is shaping up to be a scoot that’s jam packed with goodies. Check back on the GP One or SCK sites for updates. They already have progress from that first raw material page.

4 thoughts on “Watch The Evolution Of German Badness”

  1. I think we are on a rotary tool engraving budget. But I think that’s a good idea!

  2. Ouch! Austrians aren’t Germans, even though they speak the same language.

  3. One word: Anschluss.

    But the bike is from SCK (the K being Koln). I don’t think GPOne is building everything are they? Just the motor? Ein nicht readin’ zee Deutsch.

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