Rooney Signals for a Substitution in a Changing Premier League

onenil.gifIt’s not the Champions League or the FA Cup on the front pages of The Times, FourFourTwo, and Total Football, it’s Everton striker Wayne Rooney, the brilliant English 17 year-old that made Arsenal fans weep and Everton fans don “Roonaldinho” jerseys (in tribute to Brazil’s Ronaldinho). Rooney’s goal against Arsenal marked not only the first League loss this season for the Gunners and the belief that Arsenal keeper David Seaman is at the end of his days, it showed a footballing nation how beautiful a goal could be from the foot of a before-unknown, prodigious young talent.
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United 1, City 1? Derby day for Manchester showcases the failing top flight

onenil.gifOh, dear god. A draw? From Man United and Man City? Unbelieveable! Arsenal can pull ahead, the Premiership is ours! This past Sunday saw the Gunners take on third place Newcastle United at home and I was up early, coffee, scarf and video tape all ready to go. A foolish grin was on my face, knowing that we could pull ahead and regain a comfortable lead, but unfortunately, it was not to be.
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Hooliganism and Chaos During 2-0 Defeat for the Villains

onenil.gifThis past Monday suprisingly saw the return of hooligan-laden English football circa 1985. Hooligans, head-butts and pitch invaders all made for a completely bizarre and violent affair at Villa Park with fans running amok and hooligans covering their faces as missiles were readied to attack the visiting fans. The match died in the closing minutes, but the fans kept the game alive and viewers riveted to their televisions. Both Birmingham City and Aston Villa are facing relegation to Division One and this derby match was sure to see fireworks, but I don’t think anybody thought it would end quite like this.
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Honda UK’s “My First License”

In another example of how the British motorcycle industry kicks the American motorcycle industry’s ass, Honda UK is offering “license classesâ€? for 5-11-year olds at local bike shows. The licenses aren’t valid, of course, but the program delivers a message about safety and responsibility to british kids (along with Honda’s sales message) at an age when their American counterparts are riding dirt bikes without helmets on their uncle’s farm.