Speaking of Moms,

In the news today, Arsenal/France midfielder Robert Pires credited his mother with convincing him to follow his dream of a soccer career when he was 15. It’s a touching story, because I remember when I was 15, I dreamt of getting a moped and my mom said “there’s no way in hell you’re getting a moped.” Man, I showed her.

3 thoughts on “Speaking of Moms,”

  1. hahaha…that’s funny Bb. My Mom let me get a Honda Spree @ age 13 but wouldn’t let me ride it outside of the neighbourhood until I got my moped license. Then I went everywhere on it…within 30 miles of home that is. I even got a ticket once for riding double…ohhhhh I’m such a daredevil (anyone gonna watch that stupid movie???) – m2.

  2. my brother got a dirt bike when he was fourteen and I was eleven. I learned how to ride it and asked mom, “Do I get one when I’m fourteen?” She said “Suuuuuure you do….”. Well, I have my two wheels now but I ain’t fourteen…

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