4 thoughts on “Abey rocks the Fireside”

  1. Eventhough we missed most of the waxON7 shiizow it was dope none the less Abey. =D -mykr.

  2. They’ll be a next time m2 Ilove you for showing up man. Kathy you left, we were cany flipping in the bar. i was looking for you. I think i still have a “wet” blunt left over. I’ll hit ya next time baby.

    love abey

  3. show up kiddies it’s gonna be one hell of a show! melt our wax and you could be on our video! or get a cool rare button or shirt! note we like boobies no man boobies girls boobies….mmmm girl boobies with wax….mmm er, uh ok. see you there! we’ll have free drugs, sex, and rock and roll…really!

    love it with 2 strokes,

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