CWC2004 ends

Ryetronics’ second annual Cold Weather Challenge came to an end yesterday, with some impressive results. R.J. Neumieister took first place with a 11.8-mile ride at -14*F in Platteville, Wisconsin. With the huge amounts of snow and ice this year, it took a sidecar Helix to win it.

  1. R. J. Neumeister: 11.8 mi@-14F, 2000 Honda Helix (w/sidecar), Platteville, WI.
  2. Chad Schaefer: 18.1mi@-8F, Junk Vespa, Chicago, IL.
  3. Paul Steinmeyer: 11.4mi@-8F, Kymco ZX-50, Colchester, CT.
  4. Andrew S. Baca: 10.5mi@-6F, 1963 Lambretta Li150, ME.
  5. Duane Hillebrand: 15mi@-4F, 2003 Stella, Chicago, IL.

4 thoughts on “CWC2004 ends”

  1. Scootrs says the winner is one of their customers. He should have ridden that scooter

  2. What’s up with all these Germans and their cold weather treks?

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