Free W7/Shifties show Saturday

Three bands, (two featuring local scooterists), will play a free show this Saturday (February 21) at Gallery Cabaret, 2020 N. Oakley, Chicago. I haven’t seen Jeff Tudor’s band The Shifties yet, but they’re called “pop geniuses” by those in the know, and I’ve seen Jeff wearing little round sunglasses, which everyone knows means “Pop Genius.” We DO know what Brown can do for us: Abe Villalobos and Waxon Seven have added Ryetronics’ Ryan Bastianelli for more electric power, and they’ve added a new scooter-specific song to their set. Demilos, sorry, I know nothing about you. Check out Jeff’s flyer for the show. 2strokebuzz might be making a rare live appearance, we don’t want to miss this show. Did I mention FREE?

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