“If a scooter under a tarp is art” part deux

Call me uncultured, (despite my BFA) but scooters keep popping up in art, and I don’t get it. “On the first floor, you find the single altar-like sculpture by Mark Handforth, candles dripping rippling waves of wax over an overturned Vespa in Vespa Fountain. There’s no photo, but apparently Mark got bored with his previous scultpure, called simply “Vespa” (another view) and turned it on its side. Magnifique!”

6 thoughts on ““If a scooter under a tarp is art” part deux”

  1. speaking of bad art, I have to stand in the snow for fifteen minutes every morning and look at this.

  2. That wax-covered scooter is making my OCD kick in. I have to clean that thing while chanting, “wax on, wax off”.

  3. If you must create a shrine to something, I guess a Vespa is a good choice. Just don’t share it with anyone.

  4. Damien Hirst would at least have gone to the trouble of cutting the damn thing in half.

  5. Pure crap. Might as well drape mosquito netting over the Mona Lisa, chuck it in a room with some cockroaches eating out of a spilled cereal bowl and call yourself Andy Warhol.

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