Meter? I barely know her!

meter82139.jpgJust noticed in the new Craftsman Club catalog that Craftsman’s #82139 Multimeter is on sale for $21.99 (or $19.79 if you’re in the Craftsman club). If you’ve been looking for a good multimeter for the garage and home, this one can’t be beat, especially for the price, and it comes with a good instruction book.

One thought on “Meter? I barely know her!”

  1. It’s out of stock for online ordering. But I noticed the same model that comes with a thermocouple for about 9 bucks more. Then one could hook it up to ones scooter as a cylinder head temperuature gauge for testing tuning applications! (that’s just what I imagine from the descrption and picture but it probably wouldn’t work for me if I tried it)

    Are those sentences OK, Mr. BFA? ;)

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