Pledge allegiance to the rock

If you like music and live in Chicago (or not, they webcast!), please cough up a few bucks to WLUW. Their pledge drive ends tonight and they have some cool gifts. This afternoon: Steven in the Evenin’ reuinion show 2-6pm featuring an interview with Frank Black. Later tonight, Slacky J’s reggae show is the Friday night 2SB soundtrack.

3 thoughts on “Pledge allegiance to the rock”

  1. doode. i flew into chicago for the pledge drive & you don’t announce it on your page?? didn’t i make you weep once by playing burt b?? is there no loyalty here??!

  2. it’s not you, colleen. he was too excited about the steven in the evenin reunion show to notice much of anything. :)

  3. There used to be a girl named Brooke Kelley that worked for WLUW. I was once using search engines to find myself, after yer average “drifter” methods had failed me, and all I came across was this broad from Chicago that seemed all good and for social justice issues or something. Damn lefty. But I seem to remember she as good looking or something. I think she was into Horses and Dog shows or something. And not the kind from Tijuana if you know what I mean ;).

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