Scooter Racing Nationals

After a few years of attempts to start a national scooter race, it looks like someone pulled it together. features information on the race, due to be held in Colorado in September, and interviews with top racers. Hopefully MASS will announce a schedule soon so the midwest kids can represent.

2 thoughts on “Scooter Racing Nationals”

  1. Bb-
    thanks for the coverage, this year is looking like it will be “off the hizzle fo shizzle”. We already have about 10 ASRA guys signed up. Come on MASS and ESRA, who is going to get the caravan together this year?

    Daniel @ Sportique

  2. umm… The Midwest represented last year with eight MASS/ESRA racers on the track to ASRA’s two; and Denver with fifty or so. Anyway, let’s hope California decides to show up this year.

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