Slaughterhouse not Defiled.

I don’t know if the Defilers didn’t notice that Sept 4-5-6 was Labor Day Weekend, or they’re trying to be “cute,” or what, but this year is Slaughterhouse’s tenth anniversary, and it’s been on Labor Day weekend for several years, and I’ll sure as hell be there and I hope all of you are too. I’ll give them the benefit of the doubt and assume they didn’t look at the calendar when they picked the date. I don’t know any of the Defilers very well, but if you do, you might consider respectfully asking them to reconsider their plans. They’re welcome to have their rally any weekend they wish, but I think holding a rally 40 miles from Chicago on Labor Day Weekend is disrespectful to all the people that have worked so hard to run ten years of Slaughterhouse rallies.

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  1. Jack called in some favors from the Antioch and Lake County police to “git them to change their minds”.

  2. I always thought camping rallies out in the middle of nowhere are way more fun than dealing with a big city when i am wasted and scootering..

    Jack called in some favors from the Antioch and Lake County police to “git them to change their minds”.
    matte black | 11 Mar 2004 | 12.01PM

    One of us Defilers works for the Antioch Police..and Works with the Lake County Police as well….and my cousins best friend is bigger than yours too…so there!!!

  3. DAMN! Now I have to make excuses to miss BOTH weekends..

  4. Damn straight it is Chad. She’d have to spend the whole weekend explaining to her husband why she can’t get your drunk-ass-self from pawing her.

  5. thats right, cause “he’s so hot, i just cant help myself from really wanting him to” just wont fly as an excuse…

  6. of course you have to miss both, being married and then going to a rally that i’m at is a BAD combination.

  7. That sounds liek a good enough excuse for me. I’m sure my man would buy it. Actually, we are trying to get to SH this year. I’ve actually even made a small “promise” that we will try our hardest to be there. That’s a huge promise.

  8. The Defilers Fanning the flames rally was posted inncorrect. The date for the rally was reserved at The Wildlife for the same weekend as last years. The posting was listed not as an act of being “cute” but an act of being drunk and operating webtv. The actual dates for our rally is the weekend after slaughterhouse. our rally will take place on sept. 10-12 and not on the same weekend. We’ve tried to correct the post so this problem wouldn’t of happened and given you “old” people a heart attack.

  9. Thanks for clearing that up, sorry to get so nasty, but I heard some rumors that you guys were trying to stir it up. To get your listing changed, email, he’ll be happy to make the change for you, and it will be corrected on the many sites that link to the calendar, including this one. Again, I apologize and I’m glad now I have the chance to go to both rallies, if my daughter allows me.

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