7 thoughts on “Tax Discs revisited”

  1. Of the two tax disc specimens on the http://www.britishtaxdiscs.co.uk web site, they are both in colour, the 1974 disc is finished in a nice “tasteful?” brown whilst the 1921 disc was produced in grey.

    Perhaps I will put a little montage up on the web site at the weekend to give you a better idea of the quality of the discs.

  2. i have a few old british tax discs i found up from when i just moved house. theyre =-not all “that” old – 79 through 84/5 (i think?) – i would have to check.. but if anyone wants them for their bike id be more than happy to let people have em!

  3. Matt: I usually just bolt mine behind the license plate so just the number sticks out. On my VBB, I found that it mounts nicely inside the spare 8″ tire, I had to drill holes to line up with the mounting bolts, but it looks nice there. Bike shops sell a small plate that can be mounted to the license plate, but people usually use those for decals, it’s probably smaller than the medallion itself. Whatever you do, make sure you use theft-proof bolts (for the license plate and medallion) and put the medallion somewhere it’d be hard to cut off. Another tip: after applying your plate decal, cut a couple “X”es in it so it can’t be removed. Yes, people really steal plates and decals in Chicago.

  4. It’d be nice if they actually had a decent sample of what they look like, for those of us not fortunate enough to have seen real ones. The greyed-out 100 pixel-square “specimens” aren’t enough to sell me on the idea.

  5. yeah, but if they did, designers like you and me would be able to make them ourselves, heh. Especially here in the US where nobody knows what they are anyway.

  6. speaking of tax discs. Where can I get an appropriate holder for our large city of Chicago
    circle discs?

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