The obligatory war rant

Well, the war is on. As a blogger, I guess I should say something about it. I don’t know why my opinion would matter to anyone, but it will make me feel better if I write this all out:

My opinion is that something had to be done about Saddam Hussein. George Bush and the U.S. government couldn’t have handled the diplomatic situation any worse, and they’ve stepped all over human rights and common decency in their path to war, but in spite of that, I don’t think there was any hope for diplomacy to take Saddam Hussein out of power.

Don’t get me wrong, I think George Bush is an idiot. I couldn’t hate him more. His rhetoric and diplomacy are an embarassment to our nation. Maybe when this war is over, someone will return the favor and force our arguably-illegitimate leader out of office with “shock-and-awe.”

Here’s hoping for a quick, peaceful resolution. Failing that, I hope for a quick, violent resolution with minimal loss of life.

I think all the protests are really cool. Even though I somewhat support the war, most of the details of our actions make me sick. But I have one thing to ask of anyone reading this. Please study the situation and take your information from as many sources as possible. Listen to what everyone has to say. Don’t take that simple path, “No War for Oil” signs are just as closed-minded and oversimplifed as “These Colors Don’t Run” stickers.

This situation couldn’t be any more complicated. Yes, the US is imperialistic. Yes, Dick Cheney is in bed with the oil industry. Yes, we put Saddam Hussein in power in the first place. No, our government won’t learn anything from this experience. The US has plenty of faults and it’s great that we’re able to talk about them, but it’s possible to ignore all those factors and still see a reason to do what we’re doing. There’s also a lot of very good reasons to oppose it. Even the President has said that he values the opinions of protesters, even if they have no chance of changing his mind. That might be the most humble statement to ever leave his mouth.

So fight for what you believe in, whatever it may be, while you can. Tom Ridge’s panic/propaganda machine and “Operation Freedom Shield” a.k.a. martial law may soon take that right away, then we’ll have a real war to fight.

As you talk about this war with your friends and enemies, listen and learn from the left and the right, talk about the reality, not politics. Learn to ignore the dogma of the two “sides,” in people, politics, and the media, and use this opportunity to embrace pragmatism and think for yourself.

Thanks for reading 2SB even when it gets lame like this. Scoot for Peace!

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  1. I really need a beer, some trail mix, and a shotgun. As long as I can still purchase these in the city limits of Chicago I am happy. I love the fact that this post got so many people’s dander up. As far as the groups that backup the Anti-war campaign take a look at some of the groups that back up our Gov’t. I say that to chose between two evils is forced upon us but don’t try to make one seem worse than the other. Both sides to this equation have their problems. I am choosing to stay in Rockford and hope that the casualties are kept to a minimum in Iraq. I don’t think that the American public will make the same mistake they did with Vietnam and treat our troops like shit when they come home and that will always be my biggest fear so love our troops. On a lighter note why don’t we send Chad over there. He could teach all the ladies the finer points of why the beard look is out and sideburns are in. Think of ot Chad all those chicks are gonna be newly liberated women

  2. Beeb your words are very well thought out. The only thing that the general public will read/watch/listen to is the propaganda machines that the rich own. I am from a factory town that relies on gov’t contracts for it’s life blood. We have had a few demonstrations. The general status quo here is that the war is wrong period. I mused to myself if these people were really against this why did they still go to work to help build these weapons. This shit is scary and the people of this great land had better start speakin’ their mind alot louder if they want to retain their freedoms. Kudos to you Beeb for at least standing away from the crowd to be heard.

  3. Brooke, Let’s go over this one more time. “Don’t get me wrong. I think Bush is an idiot. I couldn’t hate him more.” “He’s about the least hateful person I’ve ever encountered.” Either Bryan couldn’t hate Bush more, or his statement represents hyperbole. You say that you don’t mean to be patronizing, but then you can’t seem to help yourself. I’ve taken heat from lots better than the likes of you. Teach me. When was it exactly that we had our right to be venomous and hateful taken away? I must have been asleep at the time, because I do not remember it happening.
    You may mean no criticism of Bush’s election, but it was “least hateful” Bryan that referred to him as being “arguably illegitimate”. That’s crybaby talk. Why is it that people of a differing political persuasion are cast as being stupid, or hypersensitive, or evil, or whatever. Why can’t it be simply that the other person is wrong. It’s Bryan’s website, and he can do as he pleases. For some reason I thought it was a site devoted to scootering and the fun that goes with it. I’ll leave it at this: I really should not be following the postings on this site. Anyone who considers “war protestors” cool without being aware of the groups that underwrite and sponsor the antiwar movement, probably has nothing to say that I care to read.

  4. This is a public service announcement…with…GUITARS!
    Two words will sum up America during the second failed Bush presidency: duct tape. These words will surely dog Bush the younger, just as the “WIN” button dogged Ford. Coleridge’s Mariner got off easy with the albatross. We’ll be wearing the effects of Bush’s presidency long after W’s joined the Christ-n-crude oil lecture circuit.

  5. Tom, thanks for sharing your feelings, you’re welcome to say whatever you want here. Maybe you’re right that my rant has no place here. But I’ve turned down advertising and sponsorship of this site so that I can talk about music and soccer and occasionally scooters and say whatever I want without having to please anyone but myself. I’m glad you read the site, and I hope you continue to read it in the future. The site is fun for me to do, and since I make absolutely no money running it, reader comments are all pretty much I have to show for it.

    I’m dissapointed that you seemed to miss one major point of my dumb essay, which was that you should take everything you hear at face value. You take the liberty of assuming an awful lot about me. Most of the assumptions about me that you’ve made couldn’t be farther from the truth.

    As far as defending my viewpoint, the only thing I regret is suggesting violence against our president, I thought it was pretty clearly tounge-in-cheek, but maybe not. Sure, Bush was ‘legally elected’ but it was with questionable accounting, a small voter turnout, the help of the outdated electoral college, and by the slimmest of margins, so it is fair to argue that he’s maybe not the overwhelming choice of America. I’m not sore about Gore losing, I didn’t vote for him. It could be argued that Saddam was elected by nearly 100% of his people. Sure, Irag’s election aren’t fair, but ours are not as fair as they could be. Our nation is ruled by two similar options posing as “choices.” I’m “none of the above,” I’m myself, not part of one of the machines. I absolutely agree with you that some of the groups organizing the protests are as corrupt and misguided as can be, and I said as much in my essay when I encouraged people to think for themselves. There’s little difference between Greenpeace and the NRA. There’s little difference between the Democratics and Republicans. but we are forced to take sides, and I’m taking the side against the sides, and cheering on the small percentage of both sides that came to a decision on their own, instead of mindlessly spouting the dogma of the left or right.

    As far as your alleged contradiction of freedom of speech vs. police state, my point was that some of our rights that we cherish so much are being taken away under “freedom shield.” and that scares me. Hyperbole? Sure. Allow me the use of a literary device or two, they’re all I’ve got.
    Your point that this should bring people together is true, and I’m happy to have met you online. I look forward to meeting you in person some day and celebrating whatever it is that we have in common (scooters, at least) over a round of beers at a rally. If you honestly think I have “nothing to say that [you] care to read.” Then I’m sorry, but I’m proud of my site, and I’ll keep doing it, happy that a few hundred people do care what I have to say, or are at least bored enough to read it.

  6. Good stuff… probably the first decent synopsis I’ve seen yet. Maybe after “Iraqi Freedom” we could try “Operation American Freedom”. Just a thought.

  7. Bryan very succinctly put as usual. I say we rename Iraq,
    The Republic of Texaco.

  8. My girlfriend samantha and I went to a “freedom” restaurant for brunch in NYC on sunday. Even though neither of us enjoyed any “freedom” toast or “freedom” fries, my coffee was “freedom” roast. very good coffee too!

    if this war is good or bad, i dunno, howeveri hope as many as possible return home safely.

    I am generally opposed to violent conflicts or wars, but, something had to be done.


  9. Hey does Iraq have a beer that we could start this over?

  10. First off, excelent rant Brian. I think you echo the sentiments of the most well-informaed American: Study first, then think, then say, or in this case, rant.
    Secondly, I have to say that I approve of the idea of the war (getting Sadam out of power, demilitarization) but there are so many factors involved its hard to steer through them and come up with a logical and cohesive train of thought (ie, Dick and his oil concern, Bush and finnishing what his daddy started etc.).
    But…I think our staff here said it the best when the the IUPUI and Kentucky U was interrupted by our major strike this afternoon on Bagadad.
    “Ok–War, or Basketball?”
    Not one person said war. It’s easy our leaders to follow an agenda when most people dont care what they do.

  11. WOW! I missed so much! I would like to put in .02 pennies though, in reagrds to the election, it has been argued that Bush stole the election! But if anything was determined in my mind, they were both stale-mate! Both were not on their own an outstanding choice. So I don’t think the the Dem’s have a lot to cry about. How many times would we have had to recount till they were happy! The electoral college was put into use for very important reasons. Remember, we are not a true democracy, we are a democratic republic.We are not “mob rules”! We have a big problem in this country in my opinion with politicians from all sides, and I believe the root is the fact that they are almost always a lawyer! Gov is flat out TOO BIG! We need a smaller Fed Gov, state gov. need to have more power over their state, and we need a HUGE tax cut! I would spend more of my $$ on the econimy if I had it at the end of the week!

  12. hmm. I don’t like war on general principles. I would say violence equals failure to solve a problem. We’re all pretty much good people, Iraqis and all. Saddam’s probably bad news.

    Tom, if you can explain how there was really nothing the US could do but go to war here, I would love to be convinced. I’d welcome it. Cite sources to back up whatever statements you make, as you requested Bryan to do.

    Proof of weapons of mass destruction?
    Proof of ties between Iraq and Al-Quaeda?
    Proof that Saddam threatens the whole region?
    Proof of imminent threat to the US?
    Proof that diplomatic measures have failed?


  13. Scott, I can’t speak for Tom, but even the UN said he had the weapons. That is why there were mandates and insp to see that he got rid of them. But in 12 years, he has curtailed us and the UN. That last resolution in Nov stated that he had to disclose his weapons and what did he turn in? A report from like ’97! What I think is hard westernized citizens to really grasp is that there are very bad people out there who do not like us at all! We think rationaly, but they do not. I don’t want war. But I am becoming increasingly bothered by the fact that these people exist who hate us and want to kill us.

  14. Good stuff Bb. Now let me tell you my views on God… ;)

    I think I hold very similar views on this situtation enough to say “ditto”.

    I wonder if all those people who have the “these colors don’t run” stickers, and now eat freedom fries and freedom toast, know that the french flag is the same colors? Ironic? I don’t know the meaning of the word. No, really, I don’t know the propper use. Someone fill me in!

  15. Wow,
    I do not believe that I have read more garbage in my life. Exactly how have Bush and the government stepped human rights and human decency. Detail how our country is Imperialistic. Show me the territory contained in our empire. Get over the fact that Bush won the election. Accept the fact that Bush had higher SAT scores than Gore and did not bomb out of law school and divinity school as did Gore. The French and Germans impede us on every front and you blame our president. Get used to a President who in straightforward to the extent of bluntness, rather than one that has no core values worth defending. Show me how Cheney is in bed with the oil industry. You claim this, now provide the proof. When Ridge does what you say he “may” do, then I will join you in defending our rights and constitution. It’s one thing to say that you disagree with Bush politically; it is something else and despicable to say that you “could not hate him more.”I suggest that you follow your own advice, and check out the powers in the antiwar movement. It is more an anti America, anti capaitalism, anti Bush, anit Israel, pro Stalinist, pro enabler of tyrants throughout the world. I am embaressed for you that you think them cool. I expected some of the other posts to address some of these points, but none have. It shocks me that all these guys think that your post was well reasoned. To me, it was a typical, left of center rant by someone out of touch with America. I suspect that you would support the war in a less half hearted manner if clinton or Gore was President.

  16. Why can’t you people argue some more? I was hoping to start a hilarious parody with competing “Tastes Great!” / “Less Filling!” posts.

    It would have been hilarious.

  17. Wow, Tom, I do not believe I have read more garbage in my life. I must be as weak as you to have read your garbage and not stopped after the first sentence or two. I think we should form a support group. I need a hug.

  18. Tom I applaud your use of your freedom of speech. At the same time realize that it is everyones right to hate someone, anyone be they President of the U.S. or a vagrant. We all have the same amount of chromosomes. Now if you are shocked that people disagree with the head of this great country pick up a newspaper. What makes us different from every other nation in this world is that Beeb will still go to work and lead a “normal” life even after he expressed his opinion. Furthermore I to extend you a group hug from myself and Brooke. Now go be serious somewhere where people don’t have the ability to laugh at themselves and their friends. Beeb I want some bacon!

  19. I couldn’t have said it better. Harumph!

    Chris Parrish
    Decatur, GA

  20. Right on Bebe. I don’t think the war is justified even though Saddam is a dictator, but I admire your willingness to look carefully at the whole issue.

    If everybody rode scooters, there would be no more war. People would be laughing too hard…

  21. Man, I wish more Iraqi’s drank beer — “Taste’s great, less jihad.”

  22. If everybody rode scooters, everyone would be too busy trying to get their taillight working to start wars. Actually, if everybody rode scooters, we’d invade Italy and demand reparations for our suffering.

  23. um…does this mean that 2 stroke oil is going to go up in price?

  24. Brooke, Go patronize someone else. As for Elscumo, where did I indicate that I was shocked that people disagreed with Bush. I was shocked that outright hate and venom was expressed. I don’t think I attacked anyone personally; I only responded to comments by others. You are right, all of us are free to express our opinion without fear of reprisal. Yet, the statement was made that the government has stepped on human rights and common decency. Well, which is it? Do we still have our freedoms, or have they been crushed by the government? Does the word hyperbole ring a bell? When someone makes over the top and offensive statements on a scooter website, then I also have a right to comment. I appreciate the fact that as I write this men and women are in harms way to protect me and my freedoms. I just resent that what should have been an oppurtunity for us all to come together had to turn into left wing attack on the government.

  25. Tom, I will go patronize someone else and enjoy ever minute of it. If you can’t take the heat get out of the kitchen. Attacking the government is what freedom of speech and a good portion of the bill of rights is all about, bearing weapons and all. When to do so should never be in question, a time of war or not. I do have close friends and relatives “in the trenches” and I worry for them. Human rights or common decency? Both, in my opionion. We have had some of our freedoms taken away when we stop being able to being able to be hateful or venomous about any subjuct we so wish as long as we don’t infringe on the rights of others. “Hyperbole” rings a bell but I can’t figure out what you mean by that at all. Bryan made comments on his scooter website. He is about the least hateful person I’ve ever encountered. You do have the right to comment. I’d bet Bryan is loving the discourse, even if he doesn’t like people not getting along. If your sensabilities are so offended by such over the top statements listed in such a forum I suggest you go in a room and hide because it’s on TV, radio and in the newspapers and on the minds and lips of many many Americans. If this is the first place you’ve encountered this I’d suggest you get out more. Really, I don’t mean that as patronizing. There are places in this country where everyone doesn’t feel compelled to agree with the government in times of war and don’t feel that they are out of line. It is a time to come together, every day is a time to come together. It is a time to question or “attack” our government, every day is a time to question or “attack” our government. It’s just sad that most citizens don’t feel this motivated when it really counts on election day (I mean no criticism of Bush’s election in any way shape or form). My suggestion, turn off the TV and AM radio and listen to some MPR/BBC broadcasts or watch some McNiel/Leher news hour on pbs. Those dry bastards can’t help but give a decent account of things going on.

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