The sad caterpillar

A note from my friend Zippy: “Hey, check out this gem- it’s a Bajaj Safari, circa 1982, [1] [2]
with a dumptruck bed!”

“Sitting in a bar last Sunday after freezing our asses off on a ride, Tim (who owns Veloce Scooters in New Orleans) was helping me brainstorm a mutant vehicle for this year’s Burning Man festival. ‘Hey, I heard there’s a three wheeled somethin’ in this junkyard up in Slidell [cajun hell – ed.] Let’s go take a look at it.’ I’m going to flatbed it back down to his shop this Saturday, and begin mechanical restoration ONLY. It will keep its glorious cosmetic appearance for all to see!”

One thought on “The sad caterpillar”

  1. Hey,
    Thanks for posting this- I am having a BLAST working on this thing- every step is another “What the f*ck is this?!?”.

    Eric Petersen

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