Vegas 2001 Review

To see the future, we must know the past. here’s Ryan’s review of the second Las Vegas rally in 2001, from the pre-blog days of 2strokebuzz.

3 thoughts on “Vegas 2001 Review”

  1. look at how skinny I was. I wore the same pants this year as I did in 2001 but this year I didnt button them.

  2. going to vagas in march where do u recomend and can i hire a scoot



  3. Recommendations:

    Scoot Rentals: Sin City Scooters (only choice, so it’s a bit pricey–$100+/day)

    Where to Stay: The Gold Spike! At $40/night, the suites are a deal-and-a-half.

    Where to Drink: The Gold Spike! $1.25 wells, $1.50 domestic bottles & $1.75 import bottles sums that up. Plus, my buddy Larry got a freakin’ hyoooge shot of Jagermeister for $1.75. Wotta deal.

    Where to Eat: After 11pm, you can get $2.99 New York steak & eggs at the Las Vegas Club, or there is the $.99 shrimp cocktails at the Golden Gate.

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