Wanted: Vespa with question marks.

Posted on 2SS: “Hi, I’m looking for my first scooter. Used, big enough for 2, a few years old, with a straight body suitable for covering with question marks, in the $1200 range. If you have a scooter that matches or is close to that contact me at matthew@lesko.com or 301-929-8400 (Bethesda MD).” Yep, it’s that Matthew Lesko.

6 thoughts on “Wanted: Vespa with question marks.”

  1. I offered him my Rally 200 and he told me he wants a 50cc.

  2. My wife did the graphic design work for the covers of several of his books. I guess the guy is a total nutcase… as if that wasn’t apparent already.

  3. Vespa for $1200??,try a moped my friend…..or you can ask at SALVATION ARMY.

  4. To be fair, the headline is mine, he didn’t say anything specifically about a Vespa. But there aren’t too many straight, reliable late-model two-seaters under $1200 out there.

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