Blue Spark b/w Your Ignition

zoom.jpgX guitarist Billy Zoom’s 1964 Allstate is up for sale on Ebay. With seven hours left, it’s at $3100 and hasn’t met reserve yet. That’s a lot of money for a 125 without a front shock, although it looks pretty nice and it comes with a Zoom-autographed manual and a Wild Gift LP. Plus, it was BILLY friggin’ ZOOM’S SCOOTER!

5 thoughts on “Blue Spark b/w Your Ignition”

  1. I think Bow Wow Wow’s C-30, C-60, C-90 Go! has something to do with Honda mopeds. Just kidding.

  2. “Blue Spark”…nice, never even thought of that
    quip. ARe there other hidden scoot references in
    old punk songs? Circle Jerks, Buzzcocks, Pink

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