Dealer Expo 2002

Here’s my review of Dealer Expo in Indianapolis, it was freaking huge, something like 900 manufacturersOe

Name ANY Honda scooter…and there were at least 3 EXACT copies of it by various Chinese companies you’ve never heard of before. I’m talking Reflex here too, peopleOenext year there will be a Chinese copy of the Silver Wing. They are IDENTICAL copies right down to where “Honda” was stamped in the mold, but they filled that in.
At least 50% of the vehicles represented at the show were scooters.

Scott Smallwood, Learco Malaguti, and some guy with silly hair.
Malaguti had a great display, including the elderly Mr. Malaguti himself. Scott tried his best Italian, the result was us getting invited to tour the plant on our next trip to Italy.

By next year it’ll fit just fine!
The Piaggio display was pathetic, no scooters! Basically they had a card table with a few cheapo flyers on it. Not even stinkin’ key fobs or a video playing. The word “Vespa” didn’t appear anywhere. We were so embarrassed we couldn’t even walk up to the display.

The new US-spec Bajaj Chetak.
We had a great time hanging out with Al and Florence Kolvites fom Bajaj. I kept expecting them to invite us over to their house for Thanksgiving dinner, they were that warm and friendly. They had an Indian gent there who was a big-wig from the Bajaj Company looking for first hand dealer feedback. I mentioned what Matthew said about the mirrors and how I felt about the tires. He diligently took notes, even going so far as to stand behind me while I sat on the scooter to check the mirrors’ field of view.

Scott, making fun of Arlen Ness and his staff.
I think we saw every motorcycle celebrity, more racers than you could shake a stick at. If the RCA Dome would have collapsed, it could have taken out the starting grid for GP, Superbike, and ESRA ;-).