napkin.jpgThis Satuday (April 27) is the first official ESRA race at Circleville Raceway Park in Ohio, and would you believe MASS is racing the same day on the same track? It looks like it’ll be the largest turnout ever for a scooter race east of the Mississippi River, and there’s a lot at stake. Will Scott Smallwood continue his total domination, or has he finally pushed his bike beyond reliability? Will HodgeGarage finally prove their mettle with their prettified-but-still-bodged “Allshit” Mark II? Will all the east coast newbies be able to keep up with the big boys (no pun intended) of St. Louis? And what can we expect from the new-look Team Primo/2SB? Myk is racing in Custom class with his “Smallwood replica” engine in a new, Smallwood-ish frame, but he still has a lot of work to do before raceday. Durso is racing the rossiverdi PK125/Primavera hybrid, and has a good shot at the new Smallframe class, if his skills are up to par. Matt Primo is racing the Ex-Vespa Haus P200 that gave Bastianelli some success last year, will it help him dominate Stock class? Stay tuned, it’s going to be quite a day.