Idee in Moto

Malaguti USA has upgraded their website recently, it’s a fun place to hang out, epecially in the forums, where melodramas unfold like Temptation Island, and president Joel Martin appears just before things get ugly, like a modern-day Mr. Roarke.

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  1. Never saw this comment before, but hey we listen to our public. I’ve learned my lesson with the scooter scene and the heated debates in online forums.

    Other than that I can say in all honesty as an Industry insider that the Yesterday is better than 99% of whats out there. Believe it or not Malaguti is Italys third largest manufacturer and has the same suppliers as Vespa and Aprilia. Theres a reason were big in Europe and theres a bigger reason were selling a ton of bikes here.

    Its quality.

    Best Wishes,

    Joel Martin

  2. Actually, this Joel character is a git! Until he was chastized by a scooter message board’s moderator, made a habit of spamming board members’ private email addresses. When called onto the carpet by the moderator to explain this behavior, he publicly slagged the complainers as ‘whiners’ and bitched about his ‘rights,’ etc. Beyond this, he’s mostly a prat who peddles pretentious scoots, like the 50cc ‘Yesterday,’ which is overpriced, over-designed plastic garbage–hell, it has a FAKE spare tire mounted off the back. (Better a Vino than that, I say–spend the extra $800 on a paint job for one’s Wasp….)

    But hey, I DO wish Joel well….

  3. Help !

    I have got a red malaguti yesterday, and need some touch up paint, I live in Manchester uk


  4. funny….
    can you put that link up to the sucide girls back on your page???
    This page is kinda boring.


  5. I’ve made my opinion clear on trend influence marketing, but the Malaguti scooters otherwise seem pretty good. I’m working on setting up an independent test in the next month or so, we’ll see how they stand up.Personaly, I’m not a huge fan of the Yesterday styling. When will people learn the difference between “retro” and “vintage?” if I want something “vintage” I want the original. If it’s new, i’d prefer it’s modern-styled, and I think their modern-styled scooters are more successful from a design standpoint.

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