Phil’s Christmas Surprise

This has nothing to do with anything, other than to prove how much spare time Phil has. But he sent it to me already formatted in HTML, so it’s beating two dozen scooter-related stories to press…

While in Toronto Merritt and Heather saw a Monster Kinder Egg at the grocery store. It was a spectacle to behold. Unlike the traditional Kinder Eggs this one was round and the size of one of those mini-basketballs. I am a sucker for any European product incorporating the word “MAXI”.

The AA battery is to give you some idea of the girth of this confection. It was on super-duper-after-boxing-day clearance so Merritt snagged it for a cool $6 CDN. (That’s like a buck and a quarter U.S.). Somehow it survived customs and bouncing around the back of my van. It even survived Nice Rack where I was sure someone would have broken it.

The other side of the wrapper promises a GIGANTIC SURPRISE. Fortunately this Egg is titanic so there’s enough room for this artistry to be displayed in English and French.

Removing the foil revealed that we were not quite as lucky as we’d hoped. The Egg had been dealt a critical blow. This was more of a tease than anything as I had been wondering if there would be a mammoth prize pellet inside. WHOOPIE in fact there was, it wasn’t yellow as I had expected, but I was stoked none the less.

We split the egg like a coconut revealing the prize pellet. If you look in the top of the shot you can see Merritt’s hand. My that’s a big freakin’ egg!

Removing the top of the prize pellet revealed what looked like a tightly packed bag o’ rags. We were mystified, was it a t-shirt? There was some white trim fur visible. I had even suggested that it may be a miniature elf suit for a Chinese Crested dog. Hmmm where can we get one of those?

Well, lookie here! A complete velcro ball toss game in the shape of a Christmas tree. There are two soft balls coated in velcro and there are 3 suction cups mounted to the back of the tree.

I am a huge fan of the instructions on the inside of Kinder Eggs and these did not disappoint. Not the red plastic feet which not only protect the rubber suction cups from deformation in transit, but also can be used to hang the toy on a non-smooth wall using nails. This comes in handy In case you’d like to have a permanently mounted Christmas Tree Ball Throwing Game. I could feel the pure ecstacy these kids were getting from this game. Like kids on Christmas mornin’ we put that bugger up on the first smooth surface we could find. In this picture Merritt was demonstrating her madd ladies fast pitch softball skillz. By the way, the 32% Milk Chocolate is to die for. Phil Waters
Chompin’ on Chocolate