Sorry about the spoiler!

f0-kr.gif f0-pl.gifOK, an apology to those of you that were in Media Blackout re: the England match. From now on I’ll put the commentary and scores off the front page, click “MORE” for the news. To those of you complainers that just want scooter news, find another site, some things (but not many) are just more important than scooters. Got it? Good. Now for today’s update, starring Group D:

f0-kr.gif f0-pl.gif Korea somehow beat Poland 2-0 for their first World Cup win ever, I turned the game on as I was leaving for work and it was 2-0 15 minutes in, and the Korea fans were going nuts. It’s not the biggest upset of the tournament so far, but it has major implications for the US team. I’ll tell you what those implications are after I figure out whether Poland are a buncha pushovers, or Korea is horribly dangerous.

f0-us.gif f0-pt.gif Speaking of the USA, our first match is tomorrow (4am central, ESPN2*) vs. mighty Luis Figo and Portugal. Armas and Reyna are injured, but there’s still hope for a draw if old man Agoos can keep the back together. (*this means two things: more sleep deprivation, and that annoying leprechan doing color commentary.)