Dfilm Mania!

We’ve been making silly Dfilms all week and they’re a difficult genre to master, but Durso’s documentary about Mykrrr, Back in the Ally, is probably the Citizen Kane of Dfilms. Make your own, we’ll have a 2sb Dfilm Festival… Then again, maybe they’re the reason my spam has doubled in the last two days.

“I tried to capture the reality of what every racer goes through. The
thought processes and the choices he has to make. The essence. Certainly
every story has it’s hero. But to have the good-natured, ever-reassuring
Jerome in the supporting role only exemplifies how important camaraderie is
on and off the track.

“Back in the Ally” wrote itself. But not without long hours “on the set”
actually getting my hands greasy, and pouring my own blood and sweat into
the mix. And those evenings at the Red Door Lounge sharing not only tears
of pain and also tears of victory.

This film isn’t about Mike, M2 as he’s affectionately known as. It’s not
about Galewood or MASS. It’s about a boy, a dream, and his scooters. His
many, many, many scooters.