Bajaj Pipe Exclusive!

Bajaj dealer Phil Waters of Cleveland Scooters has unveiled a new tuning exhaust prototype for new Bajaj 4-stroke scooters. (picture 1) (picture 2) The entire exhaust is made of stainless steel for excellent protection from rust. Phil says “You could pass this one along to your kids.” The prototype exhaust mounts on either the Bajaj Chetak or Legend, and does not interfere with the Legend spare tire or the ease of changing tires. The pipe also features an improved mounting bracket for easy installation. Most exciting of course is a Dynojet-verified horsepower/torque increase of 14% to 21% depending on jetting, and a throatier sound (.wav file). Phil: “Sound, oh the beautiful sound! Think old British single with megaphone exhaust. Throaty, not tinny in any way. See it and hear it at Slaughterhouse 8 this weekend in Chicago!”